Centre of the Spiral

Red Spiral is a journey of many threads weaving a rich tapestry, telling stories of the land, of ancient wisdom, earth connected cultures lost & found, and the guidance received on our journeys (both inner & outer). It is a kind of Grail Quest, not for some lost  relic but a living vessel of transformation… our own  body and the body of the earth.

The quest for self gnosis or knowledge, a state in which we can claim or reclaim our essence, is a spiraling path leading to our essence and back again to share our unique gift with the world. As the inner landscape shifts, the outer landscapes changes also, reflecting our ‘becoming’… “as within so without”.

Like the serpent who sheds her skin in an endless process of renewal, the spiral teaches how to let go of conditioned beliefs (illusions) that block our connection to the flow of life. It also teaches how to let go op the past and unhealthy attchments.

Although that may all sound rather romantic, Red Spiral as a practice is fully embodied and grounded in the physical world. It is not a mystical experience although it draws on and invites mysticism and an understanding of symbolism and primordial energies (archetypes). Red spiral is about becoming fully embodied both within our selves and in the world. It is also concerned with actively encouraging and reinstating practices which join people to share sacred experiences such as sweat lodgemoon lodge and community rituals.

The spiral appears in all cultures as a symbol of regenerative energy, the cosmic spirit that moves through the earth and all life forms. It is recorded in Aboriginal rock art and in the ancient engravings of the Celts. The serpent is linked to primordial energy which permeates life, of which death is a natural and necessary process towards regeneration.

Two serpents coiled round a central staff forms the caduceus, a symbol of medicine and the magical tool of Hermes Trismegistus, the messenger between heaven and earth. In eastern spirituality, Kundalini, the serpent energy in-born in all humans, is the power of fertility, creation and recreation. In yogic terms, the double helix of the caduceus represents masculine (Pingala) and feminine (Ida) polarities, both necessary and interdependent conduits for the cosmic spirit to flow.

The image of the Uroboros (the serpent swallowing its own tail) symbolises the cyclical processes of life and death, assimilation and integration.  It is the blocking of this flow which leads to psychological, emotional and physical distress.

Ritual, ceremony, following the lunar cycles and the wheel of the year are practices that can faciliate connection with a transpersonal reality beyond our limited ego weaving us into a comic matix of consciousness where body-mind-spirit are one.

“We need ritual because it is an expression of the fact that we recognize the difficulty of creating a different and special kind of community. A community that doesn’t have a ritual cannot exist. A corporate community is not a community. It’s a conglomeration of individuals in the service of an insatiable soulless entity.”

― Malidoma Patrice Somé